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Floss Gauge

Floss Gauge
This handy, vintage-themed, measuring tool makes cutting your floss into 18" lenghts simple and quick.  Your floss lengths will be accurate and consistent with the lengths of your hand-dyed flosses.
How to Use
Begin with your floss gauge and skeins of floss.
Wrap your floss around the Floss Gauge.
Cut the floss at one end.  The floss is now in 18" lengths.
Loop the 18" floss into a Thread Milk milk cap. Write the name of the floss on the back.
Repeat the steps above for each color.
Enjoy your beautifully organized floss!
Here's a video tutorial showing how to hold your floss while wrapping it around the Floss Gauge.
"I love my floss organization.  All of my floss (cottons, DMC, Anchor, Cosmo, hand-dyed, and silk) are loaded on Thread Milk milk caps.  Kitting projects has never been easier, or more fun!"
-Lori Wilson
Thread Milk Design Founder